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Healthcare Specializations

OVAG International Healthcare is your ideal partner for all International account receivables. We have the systems, contacts, knowledge and diplomacy needed to provide your organization with comprehensive world-class service for even your most complex and remote cross border patient account. Our partnership is an extension of your business office and includes staff education and trend analysis support.

Self Pay Balances due from patients or guarantors
International travel and medical insurance
Non-contracted international payors
Embassy and Consulate claims

International accounts are frustratingly alien in nature. Without specialized intervention, bad debt write-offs, questionable silent PPO discounts, and extremely unfavorable settlements on International accounts often result from unfamiliarity with foreign demographic information, widespread inconsistencies in identification documents, and the complexity of time zones, insurance coverage mazes, guarantee restrictions, languages and cultural differences.

The financial opportunity in uncollected International patient accounts frequently is lost in domestic due diligence processes and masked by financial class net to gross recovery expectations. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost each year due to the inherent challenges that prevent admitting and receivables professionals from rapidly identifying and effectively pursuing International accounts. It's not just the value of the receivable but the time, effort and the costs of attempting recovery that burden an organization and affect profitability.
Cutting Edge Technology
OVAG's proprietary system is devised specifically for the international environment.  More>



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